Amazon Web Services

Amazon CloudSearch is a feature rich Search Engine managed by AWS to provide security, performance and scalability in the cloud.

Amazon EC2 is a web service designed to provide easier scalability for developers operating in the cloud. EC2 reduces the time it takes to boot new server instances, allowing customers to easily scale capacity.

As an AWS technology partner we provide a Dynamic CloudSearch UI (Amazon AMI on EC2) which can be configured to access any CloudSearch collection. We provide Content Build and Enrichment tools to index your content and provide quality metadata for Faceted Search and Navigation on the cloud. We also provide custom services for AWS customers.


BUZZERandBELL changes mass communications by creating two-way conversations around any digital media event. Audio conference calls, live web streams and YouTube videos can all be BUZZERandBELL-enabled, giving participants the ability to offer positive or negative feedback from moment-to-moment during the event. Raritan Technologies extracts keywords from event transcriptions and automatically categorizes them for action, reporting and CRM integration.

In addition Raritan provides an Event Analytics search integration which enables navigation and search across events and drill down to individual participant reactions.


Lucidworks is the commercial company exclusively dedicated to Apache Lucene/Solr open source enterprise search technology. It provides search solution development platforms built on the power of Lucene/Solr open source search via enterprise-grade subscriptions. The company's LucidWorks Search Platform makes the power of Solr/Lucene open source search more accessible to the broad range of application developers and slashes the learning curve for search solution development. Unlike "black box" products, the LucidWorks Search Platform allows organizations of all sizes and types to continuously tune their search to fit the ongoing needs of their users and achieve a consistently lower cost of growth.

As a LucidWorks partner, we provide a Dynamic SOLRSearch UI (to run on Amazons cloud or in your datacenter) which can be configured to access any LucidWorks/SOLR collection. We provide Content Build (connectors) and Enrichment tools to index your content and provide quality metadata for Faceted Search and Navigation. We also provide custom services for LucidWorks customers.


Endeca is a leading provider of search applications. Search applications built on Endeca's technology deliver the clearest visibility into information, driving hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings and increased revenue for our customers. Powering these solutions is Endeca's Information Access Platform, a major enterprise search innovation based on a fundamentally new architecture for building high-ROI applications that let users access any data from anywhere any way they need it. With this improved information visibility, customers make better choices, and employees better decisions. More than 250 million end users around the world access information through Endeca solutions, which are in use at more than 600 leading organizations.

Endeca Technologies offers a powerful platform that combines the ability to search, navigate, analyze, discover, and highlight any type of information. This is why Endeca is the leader in Information Access - supporting eCommerce, Knowledge Management, and Business Intelligence.

Raritan Technologies partners with Endeca to provide value added integration for their common customers and prospects. Raritan's core competency managing product glossaries, business taxonomy and vocabularies is a perfect match for Endeca's indexing system and award winning user experience.

Raritan will advise, design, deploy, and maintain all the key Endeca Frameworks for eCommerce, Dynamic Merchandising, Knowledge Portals, and Agile Business Intelligence. Our employees are trained and certified by Endeca and our engagement manager is a former Endeca engineer with four years of field experience and nearly twenty years of search engine software expertise.

Let Raritan Power Your Endeca Engine - We'll provide the experience, performance, and value you need!

  • Application Audit Make sure your taking advantage of all the powerful features Endeca offers and that your investment in Endeca is really paying off.
  • Endeca Upgrades Running the latest release insures your application is well supported and error free. We'll get you there with minimal impact.
  • Text Analytics and Relationship Discovery Our text analytics experts will add value to your Endeca installation by enriching your content with the Entity Extraction, Thematic Relationships and Sentiment Analysis.
  • Dynamic Landing Pages The best way to respond to popular user requests for both products and content. The Endeca Pagebuilder and our design experts can provide highly effective and dynamic landing pages and empower your web site administrators. Your site will be more responsive to changing business trends - for both Ecommerce and Intranet Portals. Raritan builds custom page templates, cartridges, and business scenarios for the Merchandising Workbench.
  • Business Intelligence / Decision Support Endeca's Discovery Framework enables you to create a highly interactive and comprehensive solution to analyze you business. We can jumpstart your experience with quick starts for Sales/Marketing, Product Design and Warranty, and Human Capital Management.
  • Search Engine Optimization Using Endeca dramatically increases the chance that your web pages will be found by major search engines. Ask us how for a real quick win.
  • Support Packages We'll work with you to set up a custom support package to keep your site up, running and optimized. Contact us to discuss.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Raritan now offers One-Stop Search from the Research Pane. Raritan also offers Federated Search Connectors which work with Microsoft's SharePoint, Fast and Search Server products.

Raritan has expertise and tools to enhance document classification with all Fast Search products including Fast Search for SharePoint. We can integrate your taxonomies, controlled vocabulary lists as well as those purchased or acquired to enhance your content and create a better search experience for your users. We can also integrate Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis tools with your Fast pipelines. Our experience is with large corporations with multiple silos of information that must be accessed in order to support complex information needs.

Imagine getting an email from a fellow researcher describing a new scientific discovery. Now, by simply highlighting the word or phrase you can get additional information from your Intranet Resources, your favorite Search Sites or from your Online Subscriptions without ever leaving the current MS Office Application. The Research Pane is seamlessly integrated into the Office product line (e.g. Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Visio, OneNote, as well as from Internet Explorer).

1. Highlight and right-click a word or phrase

2. Results appear in the research pane on the right

3. Click a result to view details in your browser

Contact us for more information 908-668-8181 x 110 or


Lexalytics, Inc. is a software and services company specializing in text and sentiment analysis for social media monitoring, reputation management and entity-level text and sentiment analysis. By enabling organizations to make sense of the vast content repositories on sources like Twitter, blogs, forums, web sites and in-house documents, Lexalytics provides the context necessary for informed critical business decisions. Serving a range of Fortune 500 companies in the financial, search and media industries, among others, Lexalytics partners with industry leaders such as FAST, Endeca, Raritan Technologies and BurrellesLuce to deliver the most effective sentiment analysis solutions in the industry.

Raritan is the only licensed US reseller for Salience in non-bundled/integrated applications.


As a leading provider of enterprise software, Autonomy enables organizations to automatically understand and harness the information that is critical to their business. Enterprises of all sizes can automatically unify, manage and utilize the information stored on their systems and within the workforce to deliver competitive advantages such as reduced business cycles, accelerated productivity and an increase in revenue. This is achieved through Autonomy's ability to fully automate the processing of any type of unstructured information. Raritan's consultants are experienced in Autonomy/IDOL as well as legacy K2 technologies.